Our story

Summer 2013, a routine shopping spree in a supermarket with a vegan friend ignited the revolution.

We understand that the market does not offer culinary solutions for vegans.

We agreed that vegans also deserve to eat well. We decided to be the solution.

Establishing a company whose whole business was veganism was a pioneering act. We were the first vegan company in Israel.

We were told it would not work. Show us alarming data. Show us scary graphs.

We did not give up. Hours and days of thoughts, dreams and conversations on the porch of a house in Moshav Bethlehem HaGlilit,

facing the view of the fields of the Jezreel Valley, laboratory experiments, trips to distant lands,

visits to factories, tours of exhibitions, deep plowing of scientific articles, tasting fascinating foods,

more steps and more experience , More development and more cooking,

with one and only goal guiding us: to bring excellent cuisine to vegans.

We have reached the best producers in the world and formed partnerships that have

led to the development of alternatives to cheeses, pastrami, mayonnaise, omelet and meat.


In our kitchen lab we continue every day to cook, cook, mix and taste ingredients and

products in order to fulfill our dream: to provide vegans with excellent and delicious products.

Feel free to try our special recipes and challenge us with your questions and requests.



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